Monday, June 02, 2008


My jacket has been stolen! Arghhh...

I'm so damn pissed off by this thing. I just had it for 2 or 3 months and the fucking thieve steal it from my office workspace.

Oh my God!

I’m hoping and praying that the person who steals it will get involve in a terrible accident or just DIE because of some freak accident.

Aku takkan maafkan pencuri celaka tu.

Anak haram betul. I bought that jacket for almost RM300 from Zara Man and I like it so much… huhuhuhu… rasa nak nangis je bila tau jaket tu hilang.

Bodohla pencuri tu… kalau dah miskin n tak mampu sangat nak beli, jangan la curi hak orang lain.

Memang aku sumpah takkan maafkan pencuri anak haram yang sial tu unless dia pulangkan balik jaket tu. Aku bebetul harap dia mati je. Lagi baik dari menyusahkan orang!!!



Son of a bitch! Anak haram hasil zina mak ngan jantan mana tah dia sebelum mak dia kawen. Huhuhuhuh… geramnyaaaaaaa!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Back! =P

After the long hiatus for more than a year, I'm back! (well, at least i think I'm back... *wink*wink*. hahaha)

The main reason for the disappearance is just me, being lazy to update my own freaking blog...

loads of things have happened to me in those period. some are excitingly interesting, but most of it are just mundane and plain-bored... same 'ol, same 'ol...

i've actually think of posting some raunchy and extraordinary things in here, but i'm afraid i'll expose myself too much and at the end, i'll screw myself up. something that i'm not yet ready to do... hahaha...

raunchy and extraordinary, in this context means that i want to post pictures and videos of people... maybe myself... or some other people... hahahah... how could i do it? i'm still not ready yet to open myself to the world to dissect me (duhh... as if like there's anyone reading my blog...)

anyway, wait up for for anything ya... just in case if i wanted to do something... hiks.. heheheh...